Sometimes I get really burned out on house projects. Now is one of those times.

I have taken one of the three hinges — the middle one — off the front door with the intention of painting around the space so it blends in with the rest the trim. I figured I’d complete one, replace it, and take off another so we can complete the project without having to take the door off.

The problem is that I never painted. I simply removed one and left it off and now the door sags to the point where Tyler and I both cringe when we shut it because it catches on the jamb every time.

It seems we’re in the middle of about 20 projects right now. Excited to start them on one ambitious Sunday, neglected for a busy workweek and then tired by the time the weekend rolls around again, they simply don't get finished.

Here is a list of the projects we’ve started:

  1. The front door. It's painted, has a new window and the trim is up... but it's still missing weather stripping, part of the lock hardware and the hinges and trim aren't complete.

  2. Purchased blinds for all three bedrooms... but have not put them up.

  3. Purchased giant piece of art of bedroom… but have not hung it.

  4. Purchased curtains for master bedroom… but have not measured for curtain rod, built curtain rod, put up blinds or fixed crack in window (all of which must be done before hanging said curtains).

  5. Patched wall in bathroom from what we thought was a shower leak… but have not finished painting or putting the trim back on.

  6. Bought a new doorbell and took off the old one… but now have wires sticking out of the wall in the hallway.

  7. Painted half the cat door, ran out of paint... have not painted other half. 

  8. Finished the bathroom remodel… except for caulking the countertop.

  9. Oh yes... and our half-painted house that’s been two years in process now.

There is something very powerful about momentum. On any given Sunday we might wirr around the house and yard, ticking off projects one after the other. And so long as we don’t sit down for too long and we keep hydrated, we can keep that momentum going for a long day.

But just like the ebbs and flows of anything, that Sunday wirr isn’t sustainable. We eventually run out of batteries and burnout and we sit in the living room watching our third episode of The West Wing making a mental list of all the projects we haven’t finished. But might. Someday.