The Cat Door

When my parents come to town, our house gets a lot of love. My dad gets project happy and goes with Tyler to Home Depot to buy all the supplies for enough projects that they will not -- for sure not -- run out of things to do before my parents head back home.

With that in mind, my parents are in town and we have made "the Home Depot run" and lugged stuff home in the back of my new wagon. I took the day off from work to do house projects with my parents. One of the projects on my list: fix the cat door.

I'm pretty sure a cat lived here before us, because it had its own closet. A square cut right out; the entrance to what I imagine was a place for the litter box. I tell myself it was a cat that lived here because I don't want to imagine what other animal it could have been.

We don't have a cat and never plan to have a cat and for this reason, we decided to patch the hole instead of getting a new door. When you're fixing up a house, you save money where you can. I took the door off the hinges and put it onto a pair of sawhorses on the patio. I cut wood to the right size and glued it to fussing strips. 

Tyler texted me mid-way through the project, wood glue on my hands. I replied and put my phone down for another hour stint of spackle and sanding.

The conversation went something like this...

Tyler: What are you doing?
Me: Dad is painting the siding. Mom is cleaning the windows. (I don't think we've ever cleaned that glass slider --embarrassing!). I am fixing the car door.
Tyler: Why?
Tyler: What happened?
Tyler: What did you do?
Tyler: Stop.
Tyler: What could you be doing to fix the door?
Tyler: Seriously.
Tyler: Why aren't you answering your phone when I call you?

When I returned to my phone I saw the 2 missed calls and the 7 unread messages.

Me: Ha. I see what happened here. :grinning emoji:

Eventually Tyler recovered from his near-heart attack about the new car. My patch job didn't work well. Instead, I bought a door for $28 at Home Depot. Even brand new, we still refer to it as "the cat closet."